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Italian yacht masters have always sought a dialogue with the Italian administration (MIT), regarding their qualification for STCW (Certificate of Competence). We waited until April 2016 to see the publication of the last Decree regarding the courses, mandatory for the Manila 2010 amendments. What is still missing is the one regarding Medical Care and First Aids refresher courses.

Today less than half of the Italian training centres are authorized to administer those courses. The rest of the schools is awaiting the inspection and the authorization by MIT. In the meantime the Italian Administration does not recognize as valid any STCW course made in another EU country. European law, which implements STCW MANILA 2010, stipulates that until 1.1.2017 a State (IMO Party) can use the previous regulation in order to revalidate the CoC.

We tried to suggest to our Administration that this was the best way to cope with the enormous delay in issuing the Manila Amendments into Italian legislation, but they insisted in giving the 1.1.2017 as deadline for all Italian seafarers to comply with all mandatory courses. Imagine the chaos and the panic, less than six months for over 80.000 seafarers in order to comply and have BST, Advanced Fire fighting, Ecdis, Leadership, Management, SSO, High Voltage, Medical Care and First Aids courses done or refreshed.

For this reason the Italian Yachtmasters, with the assistance of its lawyer Mr. Giuseppe Loffreda, partner of the legal Firm that all STCW Certificates of Competence can be revalidated until 1.1.17 with the old legislation for 5 years and not only until 1.1.2017, giving us complete satisfaction of our request.

Gianni, Origoni, Grippo, Cappelli& Partners , started legal action against the MIT, the Italian Ministry of Transportation .

Today. 9th June 2016, we received the sentence of the court:TAR LAZIO which stipulated

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