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About us

ITALIANYACHTMASTERS has the aim to create a community that allows, in an increasingly global and constantly changing market, the sharing of skills and knowledge. The technical skills and know-how, while maintaining a strong and vivid identity, must free themselves from their territorial constraints and must be able to compete in an international scenario.

The realization of initiatives, such as, workshops, meetings, discussions, socializing events and an active collaboration with leading organizations involved in the marine industry, have created an extensive network of contacts, constantly growing.

ITALIANYACHTMASTERS is a group of Masters who shares a list of values: respect, honesty, competence, professionalism, seriousness and hard work.We were born on the need to know each other, find common values, and promote ourselves in the yachting industry.

We believe there have very competent and serious Italian Masters who are striving to be excellent in the yachting industry.

ITALIAN YACHT MASTERS members carefully check candidates' references and backgrounds, with particular attention to morality.

Promote participation in training and refresher courses relating to the different areas of our profession.

Check knowledge of foreign languages ​​(English must be well spoken, understood and written correctly).

Introduce the members of the association to the main actors and managers necessary for the life of a yacht (shipyards, brokers, crew employment agencies, yacht clubs, etc ...)

Participate in major events related to super yachts & nbsp; and & nbsp; Find synergies with yacht clubs (such as Loano and Monaco).

Organize regular between Captains to share knowledge and to discuss strategic actions to be taken.


Our mission is to create and promote a club of excellent Italian Captains who will have the task and the honor of being part and representing the values ​​of the Association, setting an example with their daily work and their impeccable behavior.
Members will be only those who they share the values ​​of the association with great professional skills and high moral standards.


Today, in order to be a Captain, is necessary to know In-depth various disciplines, the yachting world, human resources, management, marketing, like the qualities required to administrate a medium/large size company. On this basis, ITALIANYACHTMASTERS pursues its purpose through a path with ethics and solidarity.
The Association promotes the creation of stable and lasting public relations with brokers, shipyards and agents, with the intent to offer more careers opportunities to Members, ITALIANYACHTMASTERS does not replace recruitment agencies, but it guaranty on the qualities and qualifications of his associates, offering to agencies and shipowners, a wide portfolio of high profile candidates.
Qualified human resources are a prerequisite, the conditio sine qua non, for the immediacy and the future of our industry. Training, and particularly for young people, is as necessary as fondamentale.
The young people, are the future of our trade professionals, we can really help to form them handing down our work experience. Investing in young people is vital to promote the development of consciousness and maritime culture.
To the young people are given the opportunity to share an exciting journey, to acquire high expertise through workshops, conferences, training sessions on topics relevant professionally and through visits on board and short cruises on yachts with ITALIANYACHTMASTERS Ship Masters.

We support a nautical culture:

Yachting is a job opportunity to be taken seriously: provides the ability to live in a world without borders, multiethnic, without prejudices and where who has a strong professionalism, will succeed and have access to a reality in constant evolution, ensuring quality of life and the real possibility of career.
Our Mission is to create and promote a club of excellent Italian Masters who will have the duty and honor to be part and represent the values of the association by giving the example on their daily work duties and behavior.
Members will only be those who share the values of the association and have high competence and high moral standards.

The numbers of our crews
for yachts between 27 and 76 meters in length

total annual budget

€ 76.300.000

accrued commercial commissions 

€ 4.465.000

spare parts costs

€ 3.985.000 

mooring expenses

€ 5.515.000

insurance costs

€ 3.360.000

shipyard expenses for refit and assistance

€ 16.957.000

fuel costs

€ 7.100.000

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